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Drumshack at Musikmesse with Bosphorus!

We were at Musikmesse with Bosphorus endorsee Rob Brian who is currently in the hot seat for Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees, XTC and The Charlie Jones Project. In this video, Rob gives us a rundown of the incredible Bosphorus Traditional XT range which is brand new for 2015. Rob

Love at first sight! – Post NAMM 2015 analysis

Our intrepid Kwesi gives us the low-down on some of the new musical goodies that were available at NAMM 2015 this year. Here is a list of the products that we absolutely fell in love with! Not just drum kits and cymbals but all of the in-genius ideas that people have come

Halloween Special: Things that go bump in the night…

HELP! The shop has been taken over by the Drumshack ghost and he's making us offer even better deals so you can celebrate in style this weekend!  Before you hit the town tonight, check out our "Phantas-tic" range of macabre products that we have chosen for your "dis-pleasure" so you can complete

Drumshack Recommends: Best EFX Cymbals!

Once you have found your basic cymbal set-up, most drummers will find themselves being drawn, inextricably, into the wonderfully weird world of Effects cymbals. Today, effects cymbals have graduated from your traditional splash cymbals and chinas to even more exotic creations that are totally unique. We hope that there is

Get to know us better – Join us on Facebook!

We are a passionate bunch at Drumshack. Our shop may be small but we are pretty much bursting at the seams for the amount of tasty vintage, 2nd hand stock we have in at the moment! You should definitely come and have a butchers at our amazing collection of drum goodies if

Drumshack Summer Sale – Coming soon

​ This isn't just any Summer sale - keep your eyes peeled for a mail out hitting your e-mail inboxes soon with a link to our sale page. If you sign up to our mail out, you will receive a FREE VOUCHER CODE to use on Sale items this year. Meanwhile, here are

Welcome to the Drumshack blog!

As all of you guys know, we here at Drumshack are obsessed with all things musical and have decided to launch a brand new blog because we thought you guys deserved it. Whether it's drum tuning tips, vintage kit recommendations, we are here to support you guys for all