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Drumshack Diaries – Episode 1: Wrath of Kwesi

Drumshack Diaries - Episode 1: Wrath of Kwesi Christmas video special - now on Facebook and Youtube! A comedy series centred around a music store in London called Drumshack. Follow the series for "candid" day in the life documentary of the lovable staff and customers at Drumshack. Episode 1: "It's a hard day in

Drumshack Recommends: Best EFX Cymbals!

Once you have found your basic cymbal set-up, most drummers will find themselves being drawn, inextricably, into the wonderfully weird world of Effects cymbals. Today, effects cymbals have graduated from your traditional splash cymbals and chinas to even more exotic creations that are totally unique. We hope that there is

Drumshack Recommends: Top 12 Jazz Cymbals

Choosing the right cymbal for your set up is tough work. Considering the amount of variety that you can get today, it can be a bit of a mine field when searching for that perfect sound. To make life just that little bit easier for you, we at Drumshack have

Mark’s visit to the Bosphorus factory

Earlier in August, Mark (Drumshack's MD) went on a buying visit to the Bosphorus factory in Istanbul, Turkey. Since the visit, stocks are now more readily available at Drumshack including a lot of the new ranges such as the Black Pearl, Electro and Art Hoenig (Lyric series) that have been