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Bosphorus Traditional XT series cymbals – Video post

Rob and Bosphorus have taken 2 years to work on a new range of cymbals to be added into the Traditional cymbal family. The XT Editions have larger bells and more contour to the shape of the cymbal. The larger bell helps the cymbal project with clarity and weight, yet

Kwesi’s corner and hole-y O-zone crashes!

This week we are looking at these "hole-y" offerings from Bosphorus and Sabian! Fantastic, trashy sounding crashes to use as effects cymbals or to replace your existing crash! Check these babies out - Recorded with a 96k microphone. Call the Drumshack store on +44(0)207 228 1000 or e-mail us at

Drumshack at Musikmesse with Bosphorus!

We were at Musikmesse with Bosphorus endorsee Rob Brian who is currently in the hot seat for Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees, XTC and The Charlie Jones Project. In this video, Rob gives us a rundown of the incredible Bosphorus Traditional XT range which is brand new for 2015. Rob

Mark’s visit to the Bosphorus factory

Earlier in August, Mark (Drumshack's MD) went on a buying visit to the Bosphorus factory in Istanbul, Turkey. Since the visit, stocks are now more readily available at Drumshack including a lot of the new ranges such as the Black Pearl, Electro and Art Hoenig (Lyric series) that have been