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The Competition is now closed!

Thank you for taking part in our sweepstakes! We are overwhelmed at the amount of responses that we have received this month and we are so excited to announce the winner in January 2015.

Until then, please do check out our Boxing Day Sale on the link below!

21 thoughts on “Win a Roland TD1K! – closed

  1. with this i could actually move forward with my drumming rather than stuck with just a practise kit that doesn’t actually make any real noises!:) curse having neighbours with a baby and very little space, this would help me so much!

  2. would love to win this as i can bless some one with a great electric drum kit then, theres always someone who wants to play drums but isnt allowed cause theyre too loud, so would be amazing to win it and bless them

  3. i would love to win this al always wanted to learn to play the drums but just have never had the money to get a drum kit this would be a great help in learning 🙂

  4. just to raise the roof in genera;, anyone who is the boundrary of my drum kit will get the brains shriveled to less than the size of a single popcorn

  5. I’ve submitted my hubby’s details for this competition – he’s a drumaholic (and I’m a drummer’s widow obviously) – but think of my brownie points if he wins!!! 🙂 He mutters ‘Roland’ in his sleep…I’m really not kidding.. :-/

  6. Perfect for practice and skill development in the bedroom! I need this as much as any budding drummer! Good luck everyone! Merry Christmas

  7. Just moved from my house to a flat. Missing my acoustic kit but can’t take it with me because of the noise. This would allow me to drum at home again.

    Fingers crossed! 🙂

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