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Vector Pedal Sweepstakes – March 2015

Competition closed on 31st March 2015. This is a sweepstakes so winner will be picked at random using a number generator. Feel free to comment below and let us know what you look for in a bass drum pedal!

Congratulations Greg Myles – our March competition winner!
We hope you enjoy your new pedal!


34 thoughts on “Vector Pedal Competition – March 2015 CLOSED

  1. Bass drum pedal has to be light and swing for ages when played… a John Bonham sqweek isn’t a bad thing either!

  2. A new bass drum pedal would be a great addition to my kit as I have been looking to get a new one to replace my old generic bass pedal

  3. I’ve been learning different foot techniques. After experimenting some of them I would go for a Jojo Mayer one, just feels a bit better for me and with this new pedal, I’m sure I can enhance it perfectly. the flat board definitely helps this technique. I’ve been using my DW 5000 and I feel that’s just a bit out of my expectation.

  4. A pedel must be both firm and soft. Be able to play triplets. It must have a solid grip om my bassdrum. Materials must be good, so everyting last for a long time. Beater should have a small moveable weight to give the right balanse. If angel can be adjusted, it would be perfect.

  5. This just makes complete sense – have the sound source pointing in the right direction. The design appears to be clever but simple and the build in keeping with the overall quality of the concept.

  6. As a newbie I could only afford a generic pedal and I have to keep swopping it from my acoustic kit to my electronic kit. It doesn’t fit the electronic kit very well and I have to tighten it up every few minutes. Being able to adjust the heel would be very useful as I do find that my ankle gets a bit stiff if I play too long.

  7. I have been playing percussion for years but secretly had a passion to learn kit, i always used to love watching Animal from the Muppets and i think that has stuck! A friend has just given me a kit and im so happyy to get stuck into playing . The drum pedal will be the perfect addition ! I hope i win it!

  8. I have only been playing for 18 months and could only afford a generic pedal, which doesn’t fit my electronic kit very well. I have to swop it on to my acoustic kit as well, to have two pedals would be brilliant. I really like the adjustable heel, as I do get a stiff ankle after playing for some time.

  9. My ideal Base Drum Pedal would be Relable; Responsive and Adaptable
    (ie ;capable of being fitted with differing beater heads)

  10. All drums, light ,small, cheap, expensive, foreign or homeland is drenched with musical possibility. The music resides unwilling, elusive within the drum (set ) and we require tools that offer a kind of synapse to help the player extract, and borrow for a short while, what is available to share with the unsuspecting music lover. In pursuit of musics embrace what kick drum could deny the player via the Vector G3 in achieving this aim? Not a one. For once contact is made we as players are excluded and music may relingish some of its secrets unhindered, as if from the heavens themselves. Cheers!

  11. I am seriously thinking about purchasing a new base drum pedal. I current have an old Pearl one which I have had for over 30 years so it is time to upgrade.

  12. hi, i tried clicking subscribe but i don’t think it was working, so im not sure if it registered, it would be great if you could still register me.. thanks

  13. Just blown my budget on my 1st ever eBay purchase which is a Yamaha drum kit (always wanted one as Cozy played this make) and the bass drum pedal is pony. Got a gig coming up so would love it!

    By the way I’m new to the drumshack family ( found you when looking for spare parts for that kit) and I must say you guys are amazing. I feel I’ve died and gone to drum heaven!

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