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Protect your breakables! – Now closed

Competition closes on 28th Feb 2015. All you need to do to enter is to let us know why you deserve / need these cases – simple! Up for grabs this month:

  • Deluxe cymbal ruck sack bag (Worth £79)
  • 14″ x 5.5″ snare drum case (Worth £35)
  • Standard pocket stick case (Worth £15)

Thanks for everyone that got involved. This competition is now closed! Winners to be announced shortly!

25 thoughts on “Protection Racket competition – Feb 2015

  1. As I’m sick of using cable ties and dragging them around on a lead it’s bad enough my bassist is allready on a leash

  2. I had sent into the competition. I also submitted the wrong email address. this is y real one. I to be honest need these cases in my life. Well first off because drumming is my life and what drummer doesn’t love amazing drumming gear, but also because i actually need it. I am in a band, currently producing a second EP. We are going to be ramping up shows to promote and so I actually will need cases to transport the gear, as I don’t have any to use. As you may know producing an ep isn’t cheap and so i am putting pretty much all my money into it. Getting the best recordings but also mixing and mastering, swell as throwing every penny i have into travelling to gigs. So these cases would be something i really need and unfortunately I cannot afford to just buy. I love drumming and have my career focused on it. This is pretty important to me, with an unlikely chance of winning but might as well try. Thanks for the chance.

  3. I Need the cases because I’ve bought some lovely cymbals from drunshack and they really need to be protected. Also my Le Blond snare case is really annoying

  4. These cases will come in great use as munch cymbal bag is falling apart and my stick bag has a broken zip also my snare drum needs a case I would die for these cases

  5. I need these bags cos I’m very important and have played drums for 26 years and it’s costed me a ruddy fortune!!

  6. I have worked my butt off setting up my tuition business, I’m about to go on a tour in Japan with my kit I saved up for 3 years to buy and I have no drum cases. Winning this prize would change my year :)) and make it
    Thank you

  7. Hi, I think I should win because quite frankly I’m a bit down on my luck at the moment and these would brighten up my day 🙂 plus I have a nice hand built kit I scrimped together and built for My son & myself however I can’t afford cases for! So I may have the sympathy with the worlds smallest violin but I’m hoping I’m being protected by protection racket 🙂

  8. I feel that my daughter could make great of the drum cases, she has moved up from an electric kit to an acoustic kit as she is now doing GCSE music she sometimes as to take her snare into school but has no case for it so we use an old rucksack. The school has two kits one of which is an old tatty one that we bought in the hope of restoring, but my knowledge of this was not much so my daughter suggested giving it to her school. She is always thinking of others so would be nice if she could win something like this

  9. I think I deserve these cases as I am a 16 year old metal drummer who has been playing about 8-9 years and I have been in a band nearly 1 year we are gigging regular and I’ve had things break due to not haveing cases before and I simple can’t afford to replace them. Secondly I’d like to protect some of my most prized possessions like the snare my dad got me where I first started

  10. I would like to win these these cases because im a young aspiring drummer that would love to hopefully endorsed by them one day in the future alongside acomplising my dream as a professional drummer. Not only are they amazing quality products, they are british made products which is where I am from and I feel that the uk need to and can have an even bigger reputation for musicians in the music industry today.

  11. I need these cases because I am hopelessly addicted to buying snare drums, I also happen to love Pro Racket gear and have been using it for a long long time! I can honestly say that if I’m not fortunate enough to win I will be purchasing some more regardless, also, these cases are great for transporting birthday cakes 🙂
    Best of luck peeps,
    Rob G

  12. I’ve iust seen this message, on my birthday! If that’s not reason enough to win the cases then I hope that genuinely needing them will do it. I currently keep all my sticks/mallets/brushes and cymbals in the same case which is near breaking point under the strain! The snare case I bought from drum shack years back has served me well but is now pretty tatty to say the least. I gig two or three times a week so would really put the cases to good use. Big protection racket fan so would love to be the lucky winner. Thanks Drum Shack!!!

  13. I have a 19 year old son who is a drummer and costs me a fortune in sticks and skins ~surely this is reason enough poor mum!!!!!

  14. Till date i was looking for the best product that will take care of my most valuable things, my drums.And here we go…i got it 🙂 thanks Protectionracket and Drumshacks.

  15. Deal? I win the cases. I fill said cases with products I then purchase from DrumShack. Can’t say fairer than that!
    Or no deal?

  16. If I won these cases it would be incredible because my protection racket cymbal case (that I’ve had forever) literally, finally fell apart after a gig last night! I have a snare without a home and my sticks are currently floating around in my hardware case… I gig all the time and have a UK tour throughout March with an originals band, and I was far too generous at Christmas time and have subsequently bankrupted myself for the foreseeable future, and as a result of my generosity/bad planning my poor cymbals are about to suffer!! 🙁

  17. I have no cases it’s very sad…it makes my shells look very bad…my drums get scratched it makes me moan….let me take this great prize home!!

  18. I need support to help my addiction of buying drums and cymbals and I have a poor 14×5.5 snare with no jacket in this weather !!! Also I would wear the cymbal bag on the front to act as a shield like captain America kinda …
    I like sheep and love the cosy sheep like insides of protection racket cases. (Not in a weird way )


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