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Drumshack Tips and Tricks – Practicing paradiddles

This week we have something a little different for you! Mark throws down some beats and some practice techniques for when you can't play on a full kit. Great inspiration to improve your playing technique! Recorded with a 96k microphone. If you like our tutorials, please comment below to tell us

Yamaha DTX Workshop at Drumshack with Simon Edgoose – PART 2

In part 2 and final video of the Yamaha DTX workshop series, Simon Edgoose (top session drummer and technical consultant for Yamaha), shows you some more features of the brand new DTX-582K including a demo of the training and practice programs that are built into the kit. Subscribe to our channel

Drumshack’s Gig jargon busters for Drummers

Many of our customers (and indeed, our expert staff members) are professional musicians that play gigs on the London circuit - all days of the week. We decided to compile a list of useful information that all drummers and musicians should know when starting out and also some information on

Tuning Tips for Guitarists

Being able to tune your guitar properly is an essential skill for any guitarist. It is the difference between having people plug their ears at your shows and actually playing something people can enjoy. Even a great band can be reduced to a terrible, clanging mess if they haven't made sure they

Joels Tips – Common mistakes that amateur drummers make

Here at the shack, we love helping our fellow musicians improve their chops.  No matter who you are or what you play, we can help you get started and make sure you keep improving. This week, our newest Drum teacher Joel Prime is back and he's getting serious about how to get the

Joel’s tips – 10 rudiments to know when playing with a band

We at Drumshack are keen to offer our fans expert advice on playing technique, industry tips and of course, the latest and greatest musical gear. This week, we hand the mic over to one of our amazing in-house Drum teachers. Our newest Drum teacher Joel Prime offers his tips, tricks and