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Kwesi’s Corner – Beginner Kits in time for Christmas!

Here are two suggestions for budding drummers or for those looking at their first serious kit purchase! These sound really great for the price and include with everything you need to get started including hardware and cymbals! The Mapex Horizon 2 and the Pearl EXX Export are both excellent choices

Product Spotlight: 15″ Hi-hat video review with Danny!

This week, Danny has put together a video review for you featuring some tasty 15" Hi-hat cymbals that we have in the shop at the moment. 15" hi-hats are becoming more and more popular because of their often louder and washier sounds. Have a listen! Scroll down for links to all of

Kwesi’s Corner – Percussion Add ons for your kit

Kwesi is back with a range of splash cymbals that we always recommend to customers in store. Play to the end to hear a demo of these babies in action - Recorded with 96k condenser microphone. Scroll down for links to all of the products featured in this weeks episode! Featuring: Rohema Mini shakers Rhythm

Kwesi’s corner (Double trouble) – Rods and Accessory sticks

Double trouble this week with both Kwesi and Mark throwing down this week on video. In this episode, we are looking at accessory sticks, focusing on rods! There will be a part 2 - we just couldn't squeeze all of them in. Play to the end to hear a demo

Drumshack Recommends: All about sticks!

Aaah sticks...what would a drummer do without them? Choosing the right ones for you is really a case of trying them out and seeing what is most comfortable and suited to your playing style. Some people with bigger hands prefer small and thin sticks...etc. There are subtle differences that can

Stagg Sensa series – Video review with Kwesi

Hello and welcome again to another episode of Kwesi's corner! This time, we are looking at the Stagg Sensa series. For players that are on a budget but demand quality gear, this is certainly a range you need to listen to. Play to the end to hear a demo of

Kwesi’s Corner – Stacker cymbal combinations; Bosphorus, Stagg and Dream!

Weekly news blast in video format! This week, Kwesi compares some combinations of stacker cymbals and gives you tips on how you can experiment and invent your own! Featuring: Dream Bliss 16" Crash Dream Bliss 12" Splash Bosphorus Turks Effects 18" Crash Bosphorus Traditional Splash cymbals Stagg Sensa Orbis 18" China Stagg Exo Medium Splash SHOP: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: