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Kwesi’s Corner – Tama snare drum review

Kwesi is back to his usual tricks at the shop this week! We are looking at these fantastic Tama snares that he has chosen to review. These are great for a large range of genres and styles. Why not have a listen? See below for links and prices. As usual,

Kwesi’s Corner – Sonor Players SSE13 Shell pack (Kit review)

The Sonor Players SSE kit is a wonderful kit for anyone who's tight on space or just looking for a gigging kit that's a little easier to transport. Comes with bags of tone and Kwesi puts it through its paces this week - have a listen! Recorded with a 96k

Kwesi’s Corner – Hi-hat embellishments

We are back with a new video this week! Kwesi shows you how to apply some simple rudiments to spice up your playing. Mastering these rhythmic hi-hat embellishments are essential for jazz, pop and hip-hop though it can be applied in many ways to all genres. Plus, it sounds so

Kwesi’s Corner – “What’s in my stick bag?”

Bit of a longer video than usual today! Kwesi reveals his tools of the trade when he goes in for those studio sessions. Featuring accessories and sticks galore! Some have already been mentioned in previous videos - Enjoy! Not all of the products features in the video are available online (though

Kwesi’s Corner – Damping techniques and Accessories

Curb that confounded ringing on your snare by using some of these excellent damping or dampening or muffling accessories that we have in stock right now at Drumshack. Recorded with a 96k microphone - We hope you can hear the difference! Call the Drumshack store on +44(0)207 228 1000 or e-mail

Kwesi’s corner with Bosphorus Traditional XT cymbals!

New range for 2015 from Bosphorus. Kwesi takes you through some of features of these Rob Brian signature beauties! He's currently in the hot seat for Siouxsie Sioux. We will demo for your viewing pleasure, hi-hats, crashes and rides! Recorded with a 96k microphone. Call the Drumshack store on +44(0)207 228

Kwesi’s Corner with Sonor select force 10″, 14″ and 16″ in Brown galaxy sparkle

Some of you have been wondering what drum kit we've been using to demo our products! Well, Kwesi gives you the low-down on the shop floor model, Sonor select force to show you what it can do! It's mega boomy for its size. Check it out - Recorded with a

Kwesi’s Corner with Hayman Vibrasonic snares – Second hand drums!

Taking over from Danny this week, Kwesi gives you the low down on these incredible vintage Hayman Vibrasonic snares that we have in store RIGHT NOW. Keep watching for some cheeky little demos. Recorded with a 96k microphone. Remember, these are second hand items and therefore only one of each is

Kwesi’s Corner with Tama Mini Tymp snares!

Kwesi gives you the run down on why Tama Mini Tymp snares are fantastic additions to your kit. They are unique single headed drums, featuring a half set of snare wires that rest against the batter head. Available in two sizes that include the MC69 Holder! Scroll down for links to

Kwesi’s Corner with Paiste PST X Swiss Hi-hats!

Kwesi is back this week with a "quickie" - hehe! A short little demo and run down of the brand new Paiste PST X Swiss hi-hats available in 10" and 14" sizes. These have a great high pitched sound - akin to white noise! Perfect for electronica, techno, hip-hop and