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Kwesi’s Corner – Last minute Christmas gifts for the musician in your life

There are only a few more sleeps left until the big day and we're looking forward to a well deserved break. If you're still stuck looking for presents for your band mates, siblings and family then have a look at our selection in our Christmas shop. CLICK HERE FOR THE CHRISTMAS

Kwesi’s Corner – Beginner Kits in time for Christmas!

Here are two suggestions for budding drummers or for those looking at their first serious kit purchase! These sound really great for the price and include with everything you need to get started including hardware and cymbals! The Mapex Horizon 2 and the Pearl EXX Export are both excellent choices

Kwesi’s Corner – Djembes: Toca Synergy, Ivory Coast and Authentic Ghanaian djembes

This week's installment features our fantastic selection of Djembes. From the entry range Toca Synergy all the way up to our Kambala range from the Ivory coast and professional quality, authentic ghanaian instruments. All of these lot are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Check these babies

2nd Hand china cymbals – Oriental classic, Paragon and Sound creation!

Our 2nd, second hand haul of cymbals for you folks this week! This time, Kwesi has a look at the china cymbals that we have in store. They. Are. LOUD. Perfect for accents and effects, we recommend you come in store to try them out - Recorded with 96k microphone.

Kwesi’s Corner – Mapex armory and mid-range snares

Kwesi pretends to be (in his own words) the "Chief writer at Mapex" when describing these fabulous snare drums. He's very excitable this week because these snares sound amazing! We have these in stock - Recorded with 96k microphone. Enjoy! Call the Drumshack store on +44(0)207 228 1000 or e-mail us

Second Hand cymbal haul – Zildjian K Custom Special dry Hi-hats, Crash and Ride

This week Kwesi wants to show you some of our pre-loved range. We have hundreds of them and we boast one of the largest collection of second hand cymbals in the country. In this video, Kwesi looks at some particularly dry cymbals for you jazzers out there. Featuring: Zildjian K

Kwesi’s Corner – Bass Drum dampening accessories

Quick little clips describing some of the bass drum dampening accessories that we have in stock in Drumshack. Kwesi has chosen some pieces that will help you effectively dampen your head and goes through the pros and cons of some of these options. Enjoy! Call the Drumshack store on +44(0)207 228