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Kwesi’s Corner – “What’s in my stick bag?”

Bit of a longer video than usual today! Kwesi reveals his tools of the trade when he goes in for those studio sessions. Featuring accessories and sticks galore! Some have already been mentioned in previous videos – Enjoy!

Not all of the products features in the video are available online (though we are looking to get this sorted as soon as possible). You can order most of them through Drumshack.

Call the Drumshack store on +44(0)207 228 1000 or e-mail us at to put down a deposit!

Scroll down for links to all of the products featured in this weeks episode!

1. Promark Broomsticks

2. ProMark MT3 Multi-purpose Mallets

3. ProMark Hickory 720 ”Intruder” Wood Tip Drumsticks

4. ProMark Hickory 7A “Pro-Round” Wood Tip

5. Promark SD9 Maple Drumsticks

6. ProMark Hot rods

7. ProMark Hickory 721 Marco Minnemann Wood Tip

8. ProMark TB5 General Telescopic Wire Brush

9. ProMark Hickory 737 Wood Tip

10. ProMark Hickory 526 “The Bulb” Billy Ward Wood Tip

11. Gibraltar Standard Hi-Hat Clutch SC-4421D

12. Sabian Cymbal Tilt Stackers, 4 x 4-inch

13. Roland Edirol R-05 Handheld WAVE MP3 Digital Recorder



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