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Kwesi’s corner with a range of Dream Cymbals

Kwesi is back with another episode! This week, he has chosen a range of Dream cymbals for your listening pleasure. They are all fantastic mid-range offerings at a great price. A lot of bang for your buck – you’ll see what we mean. Watch now!  Recorded with a 96k microphone.

Call the Drumshack store on +44(0)207 228 1000 or e-mail us at to put down a deposit!

Scroll down for links to all of the products featured in this weeks episode!

Dream Cymbals Contact Series 14 inch Hi Hats

Dream Cymbals Contact Series Crash cymbals

Dream Scott Pellegrom Re-FX Crop Circle Effects cymbal

Dream Vintage Bliss Series Crash Ride Cymbals

Dream Lion Series China Cymbals

Dream Dark Matter Series Moon Ride Cymbals


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