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Drumshack Tips and Tricks – Practicing paradiddles around a kit!

This time Mark shows you how you can apply the paradiddles and practice techniques that we covered in last week's video (you can watch it here) and translate it to a full kit. These are really just some ideas to enhance your practice sessions to get your chops in order.

Drumshack Tips and Tricks – Practicing paradiddles

This week we have something a little different for you! Mark throws down some beats and some practice techniques for when you can't play on a full kit. Great inspiration to improve your playing technique! Recorded with a 96k microphone. If you like our tutorials, please comment below to tell us

Kwesi’s corner with Bosphorus Traditional XT cymbals!

New range for 2015 from Bosphorus. Kwesi takes you through some of features of these Rob Brian signature beauties! He's currently in the hot seat for Siouxsie Sioux. We will demo for your viewing pleasure, hi-hats, crashes and rides! Recorded with a 96k microphone. Call the Drumshack store on +44(0)207 228

Kwesi’s Corner with Sonor select force 10″, 14″ and 16″ in Brown galaxy sparkle

Some of you have been wondering what drum kit we've been using to demo our products! Well, Kwesi gives you the low-down on the shop floor model, Sonor select force to show you what it can do! It's mega boomy for its size. Check it out - Recorded with a

Kwesi’s Corner with Hayman Vibrasonic snares – Second hand drums!

Taking over from Danny this week, Kwesi gives you the low down on these incredible vintage Hayman Vibrasonic snares that we have in store RIGHT NOW. Keep watching for some cheeky little demos. Recorded with a 96k microphone. Remember, these are second hand items and therefore only one of each is