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Drumshack Recommends: All about sticks!

Aaah sticks…what would a drummer do without them? Choosing the right ones for you is really a case of trying them out and seeing what is most comfortable and suited to your playing style. Some people with bigger hands prefer small and thin sticks…etc. There are subtle differences that can be heard and the right pair of sticks can make your sound truly authentic – the tips can vary in shapes, sizes and material (wood tip or nylon).

With so many to choose from, we’ve compiled a buying guide to get you started. This is not an exhaustive list though – we have many many more to try in our London store or to purchase online. Check out our full range and get experimenting! Mix it up with your accessories!

75Vic Firth American Sound AS5B drum sticks

Brief description: Vic Firth AS5B American Sound Series hickory wood drum stick – wooden round tip. Ideal for rock gigs/practice.

Length: 16″3/16″. Diameter: 0.595″

Kwesi says: Pretty good all round stick suitable for every day use, gigging and practicing. Round tip, medium taper and then straight down. I would recommend this to people who want a bit more from their playing – something a bit more to hit with. It has a lot of definition (because of the round tip), which is important when it is bouncing off the ride, for example. Ideal for funk players!

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Rohema Tango – Hickory

Brief description: Rohema Tango Hickory Drum Stick, Traditional-Series, satin lacquered, L = 400mm, Dia. = 13 mm, Made in Germany

Kwesi says: Rohema sticks come in two different types of wood: Hickory or Hornwood. Hickory is the type of wood that is used with most standard drumsticks. These feature a very gradual taper with the shoulders coming to nearly a 1/3 of the way down from the tip. The tip is very small (hehehe) which gives it a light, yet focused definition on cymbals. Great for jazzers who prefer a delicate and more natural sound!

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Rohema Tango – Hornwood

Brief description: Rohema Tango Hornwood Drum Stick, Traditional-Series, satin lacquered, L = 400mm, Dia. = 13 mm, Made in Germany

Kwesi says: Hornwood is a denser wood than hickory so again would be ideal for players that were looking for a darker sound, especially on the cymbals.

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Nylon tipped sticks!

Links to products:
Regal Tip 7A Nylon
Vic Firth American Classic Rock N
Vater 5B Nylon

Kwesi says: Some people would say that nylon tipped sticks last longer than wood tip. I would say there was an argument in that but personally, I prefer a more natural definition that wood tips offer. Having said that, nylon tipped sticks are versatile and it also depends largely on the shape of the tip. Nylon usually comes in round tip or acorn tip – depending on the shape, you will get a broader or more focused sound.


Signature series sticks!

Signature series sticks are generally a mix of standard sticks plus an Artists specific features dependent on their playing style, genre or preference.

Links to products:
Vic Firth Signature series – Danny Carey & more!

Kwesi says: For example, the Danny Carey signature is the “Pretty fat stick”, though it is still fairly light! It has a 5b size tip on it and features a groove in the middle of the stick for your thumbs – it’s almost like a 5b going to a 5a in the middle and then back out to a 5b. This is really a hybrid of a lot of different elements so you should try it out and see if it’s right for you!


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