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Stagg Sensa series – Video review with Kwesi

Hello and welcome again to another episode of Kwesi’s corner! This time, we are looking at the Stagg Sensa series. For players that are on a budget but demand quality gear, this is certainly a range you need to listen to. Play to the end to hear a demo of these cymbals in action – Recorded with 96k condenser microphone.

Scroll down for pictures and links to all of the cymbals featured in this weeks episode!


Stagg Sensa series Hi-hats
Stagg Sensa Orbis crash cymbals
Stagg Orbis 18″ China
Stagg Sensa Series splash stack cymbal set
Stagg Sensa series Sizzle china 18″




Stagg Sensa Series Hi-Hat Cymbals


Versatile and musical hats that are crisp, sweet and have the perfect amount of sizzle.

Stagg Sensa Series Crash Cymbals


Moderately bright, warm with medium sustain and sweet overtones. Great addition to any modern set-up.

Stagg Sensa Series Orbis china

Faster and more responsive, bright and cutting. While retaining the warmth and sweetness of the SENSA character.

Stagg Sensa Series Stacker set


Expertly hand hammered Sensa Brilliant China Plus Splash Stack Cymbal with a perfect blend of sensitive response and crystal clear definition.

Stagg Sensa Series sizzle china


This 18″ China sizzle gives a massive trashy effects sound that is unlike any other cymbal we have come across

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