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Stagg Sensa series – Video review with Kwesi

Hello and welcome again to another episode of Kwesi's corner! This time, we are looking at the Stagg Sensa series. For players that are on a budget but demand quality gear, this is certainly a range you need to listen to. Play to the end to hear a demo of

Kwesi’s Corner – Stacker cymbal combinations; Bosphorus, Stagg and Dream!

Weekly news blast in video format! This week, Kwesi compares some combinations of stacker cymbals and gives you tips on how you can experiment and invent your own! Featuring: Dream Bliss 16" Crash Dream Bliss 12" Splash Bosphorus Turks Effects 18" Crash Bosphorus Traditional Splash cymbals Stagg Sensa Orbis 18" China Stagg Exo Medium Splash SHOP: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: