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Love at first sight! – Post NAMM 2015 analysis

Our intrepid Kwesi gives us the low-down on some of the new musical goodies that were available at NAMM 2015 this year.

Here is a list of the products that we absolutely fell in love with! Not just drum kits and cymbals but all of the in-genius ideas that people have come up with to help us musicians keep on, keeping on. Us working musicians, we need our gear to be top quality as well as affordable and reliable.

What better place is there than NAMM 2015 to check out the latest and greatest gear from the biggest brands in the industry? Check it out!


phatfootPhat foot

One of the most interesting and useful bits of gear that we discovered was the appropriately named: Phat foot.

The Phat foot is designed to allow any drummer to simply stabilize the movement of the bass drum by anchoring the drum seat to the pedal.

Absolutely genius – no more chasing your drum kit all over the stage!

This great little accessory solves the problem of the bass drum & hi-hat sliding out of place created by the force of the drummer’s foot kicking the pedal. It helps to stabilise the movement of the bass drum (or hi-hat) by anchoring the drum seat and linking all three into one solid and complete unit.

Check out their website here:

What do you guys think, should we have a look at these to stock in store?


PaistePST3Paiste PST Series

We were really surprised by the appearance of the cymbals because they were more high end than we were expecting. Really nice choppy sound! All the cymbals that they had in stock, we believe that they would be at home in a professional set-up. Great range of sounds.

We are expecting these into the store this year – keep your eyes peeled!


home-build-your-monitorUltimate ears

These are protective in ear devices for monitoring. They have a range that can be used for general practice, studio and live applications. We found that even their mid-range products were comparable in price and quality to some other brand’s professional, high-end in-ear systems who were also presenting at NAMM.

These are moulded to your ears for maximum comfort. These are really good value for money and can be customised!

You can check out their website here:

Let us know if you want these in the shop!


biganduglySabian Big & Ugly series – Rides

We’d recommend this series for Jazz and more contemporary applications. These rides have big, dark and earthy tones. It has, what we call in the shop, “Turkish wobble” which gives a nice, buttery feel when sticking.

We love these because Sabian have actually released a cymbal that will cross the divide between the more modern and traditional “jazzy” sounds.

For a more ubiquitous or adaptable sound, we’d recommend the Monarch XS20 ride cymbal from this range, which, actually proves the best value for money.

Alternatively, if you have a bit of money to spend, the HH Phoenix ride from this range comes highly recommended. It has a nice, gradual wash and piercing bell sound.


vectorVector Pedal

We now have these in stock in the shop! Please come down and have a look.

The pedal has an “old camco” feel about it, with a modern twist. We won’t try and write an in-depth review as David Aldridge has already produced a fabulous review on his blog site after attending this year’s NAMM.

Click here for the link:


schlagwerksSchlagwerks Cajons and Accessories!

To jazz up your existing cajon, and to make it more interesting and crazy, why not consider some of the new add-ons that Schlagwerks have introduced this year?

New products include the intriguing cabassa attachment and bass port.

The cabassa attachment allows the musician to play the scrathing, rasping sound of the cabassa with one hand while the bass port lowers the tone of the bass note considerably

We will be stocking accessories like this in the shop this year! Call us for more details or check out the link below to find out more information on our Schlagwerk cajons and accessories!

Click here:

75bosphorusBosphorus cymbals – new series!

Bosphorus cymbals are one of our absolute favourite brands at Drumshack. For hand made, turkish cymbals – you just can’t get better than these! We were super excited about seeing the new ranges that they were showing at NAMM this year.

The hilariously named “Blackened series”, is no joking matter. These are seriously versatile, modern sounding cymbals that can be used confidently in most genres and applications (live, recording…etc.).

We are also really excited about Hard Hammered SW series . It’s an interesting take on previous models, with a view to include cymbal sounds that are more “biting” and “aggressive”, which would be a welcome addition to their existing range.

bosphorus-blackenedDon’t forget to check out our full range of Bosphorus cymbals online at this link:

Don’t forget it’s Valentines day!

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