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Drumshack Recommends: Top 10 Christmas Presents!

Its Christmas time again! The season for giving gifts, eating too much and arguing with your family members.. but mostly giving gifts.

That’s why our Drumshack elves thought they would make it even easier for you to find something for your musical buddies this year, by giving you our Top 10 Recommended Christmas Presents of 2014.


Yamaha C40 Classical (Nylon String) Guitar Pack

A modest budget no longer means putting up with a second-rate instrument, as the C40 ably demonstrates.

Spruce tops, mahogany-like meranti backs and sides and real rosewood fingerboards and bridges ensure that this guitar is blessed with a quality of tone and playability that belies its affordable price tags.

Available from £97

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Roc n Soc Drum Throne – Cycle Seat

Originator and developer of “Seating for Musicians” with numerous industry firsts and advancements. Since 1990, Roc-n-Soc has set the standard for quality, pricing and delivery.

Saddle seats, shocks and rockers reduce fatigue on lower back and legs with a focus on support, stability and comfort.
Roc-n-Soc were building ergonomics into their seating long before industries moved in that direction.

Seats, bases and hardware are built using the best materials in the world.
Multiple sets of eyes check and re-check every step in the manufacturing process.

Available from £117

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Protection Racket Drum Mat / Rug / Carpet

Drum mats are designed to give you the most comfortable drumming experience. If you are drumming on a wooden floor or smooth surface you will notice the drum kits will slide all over the floor.

Protection racket drum mats have several key features which make them a great solution! Protection Racket drum mats have strong rubber underside to avoid slipping, while also having a thick top ideal to secure any foot pedals with Velcro strips to it. They also have handy tie clips to hold it rolled up for transporting.

Available from £57

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Squier Affinity HSS Strat / Frontman 15G Pack in Sunburst finish

This is a great beginner electric guitar pack that includes the guitar, amp and all the accessories you need to get going – electronic tuner, instructional DVD, gig bag, cable, strap and picks.

The Squier Affinity Strat features legendary styling and a set of 2 single coil pickups and 1 Humbucker at the bridge position that deliver everything from sparkling clean tones to bluesy crunch to all out rock tones.

The included Fender Frontman 15G amp features a custom voiced built-in overdrive allowing for this great, little versatile amp to deliver a good array of tones. The included Aux input allows you to plug in your iPod/CD player allowing you to jam along to your favourite tracks whilst the headphone socket allows you to practice in silence.


Available from £182

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Mapex TND5844FTC Tornado Compact Complete Kit

This kit is all about tone! Tight and controlled tones leap from the compact but punchy 18×16 bass drum, the toms are shallow and so easily tuneable to poppy, bright pitches and the 14×12 floor tom is also easy to keep in the sweetest of spots.

Like kits hung with a hefty price tag, this set has a 14×5.5 colour matched wood snare.

Complimented with a full set of 200 series double braced hardware, the kit is ready to head from rehearsal to show and back home time and time again, standing you in good stead as a busy musician.

What’s more, each Tornado kit is supplied with a 2pce cymbal set, Hi Hat & Crash/Ride to ensure it can be played straight out of the box!


Available from £259

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Snark Red All Instrument Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

The new Snark all instrument clip on tuner is incredibly quick and very accurate. This red version is the most advanced and the only one worth having with it’s full chromatic capabilities. As seen being used by Richard Thompson, it’s packed with features including a full colour LCD display and a ribbed rubber ‘stay-out’ clip which ensures grip on any instrument. Brilliantly designed and easy to use.

We love this tuner! Stylish, extremely clear and adjustable to every angle to be seen whatever instrument you are tuning – guitar, brass, woodwind, violins, cellos, ukuleles etc. The Snark tuners feature a full colour ‘racing speedometer’ display for easy viewing, a stay put clip, flat tuning/transpose. Pitch calibration (415-466 hz), high sensitivity vibration sensor, the SN-2 also includes a built in mic giving you 2 tuning methods which is very useful in noisy environments. For guitars,tuner can be clipped on the front or back of the head stock. Accommodates right and left handed players.

Available from £16

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Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad V-Drums Electronic Kit

Featuring 2GB of built in memory for storing custom samples, extra trigger inputs if you need expandability, and a built-in multi effects unit to manipulate samples to fit your application, the SPDSX will be the go-to product for live performers, DJs, drummers and anyone who wants to augment their music with samples or trigger sounds using a high quality, robust multi trigger pad.

The SPDSX also comes with software for Mac or PC which allows you to manage and manipulate samples and transfer them to your SPDSX over USB – a quick and easy way to load on any existing samples and to top-and-tail samples en masse. Enjoy flexibility and rugged gig-ready build quality with the Roland SPDSX.

Available from £559

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Toca Synergy Freestyle Djembe

Launched in 2005, our Freestyle Djembes are one of a kind. This patented innovation is lightweight, durable and offers the same great sound as our wood Djembes, with a slightly higher tone. They are the perfect choice for drum circles, percussive gatherings and classrooms because of their durability and portability.

Best of Show at NAMM 2007, Toca Djembes are a true show-stopper. A striking, professional quality product, with a wide range of tonal abilities, at a reasonable price – they are the complete package.

Available from £25

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Schlagwerk CP 404 2inOne Snare Cajon – Large

The most successful Schlagwerk Cajon to date captivates with its crisp, controlled sound coupled with its authentic crate-like design. The variable snare crossbar allows the traditional instrument to be changed into a universal Snare Cajon in just one move. A superior price/performance ratio and the “made in Germany” label are the reasons behind the success of this Cajon.

It works like this: spirals inside the Cajon press against the playing surface at a precisely
defined angle. When the surfaces are played, the spirals vibrate in a controlled manner and
produce a modern snare-cajon sound. The spiral technology can be removed from the
2inOne Cajon in one quick movement. The Cajon then produces the traditional Cuban sound..

Available from £134

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Roland TD-1K Compact V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-1K offers the most affordable incarnation of the TD-range of V-Drums electronic drum kits released to date. Roland TD-1K boasts legendary V-Drums sound and performance packed into a set ideal for the entry-level player or for those after a quality, affordable and quiet electronic practice kit for the home. TD1K features 15 expressive drum kits and supports essential acoustic drum techniques, including cymbal choke and advanced hi-hat playing.

Available from £399

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