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Drumshack Recommends: Best EFX Cymbals!

Once you have found your basic cymbal set-up, most drummers will find themselves being drawn, inextricably, into the wonderfully weird world of Effects cymbals. Today, effects cymbals have graduated from your traditional splash cymbals and chinas to even more exotic creations that are totally unique. We hope that there is something in this list that will suit your set-up!

We recommend that you at least check out some video reviews or sound clips for these specialist cymbals as the sound can completely vary. Even better, why not come and visit us in our London store to try them out before you purchase!

Please note, that all the cymbals below have not been placed in any particular order as it is completely subjective as to which is better for certain applications. The only way to be sure that a cymbal is right for you is to play it before you buy!

75Sabian 14″ Hoop crasher

Designed by Jojo Mayer, this dual-ring effects device offers incredible versatility and a massive palette of sound.

Made from premium B20 Bronze hi-hats, the top floatation ring is punched with 32 holes for lightness and lift, while the heavier bottom ring is designed with an X-Celerator Air-Wave lip to minimise contact with the snare head which means it can be used without changing the sound of the snare drum head, allowing you to dial in as much or as little effect as required.

Available from £229

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EFX2Sabian Chopper Effects Cymbals – Various sizes available

Two out of the three bronze discs are cut into propeller shapes and loosely riveted together. These discs function to agitate each other for quick white noise accents and rhythms.

Innovative 3-layer design fits on a cymbal stand, making this a great effect for playing rhythms and accents in drum and percussion set-ups.

Available from £119

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Bosphorus Turk FX Crash Cymbals

Hand hammered but completely unlathed, the Turk Series is characterised by its exotic, earthy stick sound and reduced overtones.

Visually stunning with straight from the oven coloration. A cool primary voice, or a daring addition to a conventional setup. Like hearing a dry martini. This series speaks with attitude.

Available from £137

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75Zildjian ZXT Trashformer Cymbals

Distinctive coloured tint and an equally trashy voice. Explosive on its own. Stack it on another cymbal for a signature trashy sound.

This thin Splash cymbal may be played as they are for airy splash effects. Or they can be stacked on top of, or under any other cymbal to provide an additional layer of white noise. They are a super versatile way to expand your sound and enhance your current cymbal set-up. Great value too! Please note: colours may vary.

Available from £54

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Dream Scott Pellegrom Re-FX Crop Circle Effects cymbal

As an artist, Scott can best be defined as pushing the boundaries, an explorer and risk taker with breathtaking musicality and chops. This new effects cymbal designed in conjunction with Scott is no different.

The Crop Circle is a 2″ wide circle around 14″ in diameter cropped out of a larger cymbal. Attach 4 pairs of jingles and you have an effect that is out of this world. Placed on a snare or tom it acts like an effect pedal for acoustic drums, modulating the sound and adding a galaxy of new sound possibilities. Placed on a ride cymbal it sizzles and dances adding a whole new pallet of sound.

Available from £35

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Zildjian Oriental 20″ Crash of Doom

A truly “one of a kind” monster Crash. Ultra-trashy, very dark and low pitched. Features an immediate, explosive attack and a tremendous, broad, full-bodied sustain. An exceptionally exotic sound for special accents and effects.

Dennis Chambers challenged Zildjian to recreate the “ridiculously trashy sound” of a Crash cymbal he had found on a trip to China.

Available from £259

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Dream Dark Matter Series Flat Earth Ride Cymbals

Dark Matter are heavy and totally un-lathed. While not at all gongy, they certainly can ring a bit more than a traditional lighter cymbal. Stick response is fantastic.

They currently come in two flavors, the Dark Matter Energy Rides and the Dark Matter Flat Earth Rides. These are lathed under firing with a micro bell and flat profile.

Available from £199.99

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EFX7Stagg Sensa Brilliant China plus Splash Stack Cymbal

Fast, punchy and cutting stack with added subtle sustain thanks to the rivets. Ideal for quick rhythms or use as a ride source

Available in 2 sizes! Check them out online!

Available from £74.99

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EFX8Zildjian Zil Bell Cymbals

Bright, singing musical tone ideal for special accents and effects. Large, deep bell shape. High & Low pitch. Use individually or together to produce complimentary tones that contrast perfectly with each other. Mount regularly or inverted for unique and special tones.

Available from £95

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EFX9Sabian O-Zone Crash Cymbals

Sabian O-Zone crashes in APX, HHX and AAX series give a great unique explosive sound. The Ozone cymbals are great and highly recommended by Drumshack as an alternative china.

HHX Series
Extremely nasty sound with an aggressive bite and fast attack. Machine hand-hammered. Brilliant finish. Perforated by 2inch holes, this Sabian HHX Evolution 16″ Ozone Crash Cymbal delivers an extremely nasty sound with a lot of aggressive bite. Sabian HHX Evolution cymbals are inspired by and collaborated on with Sabian endorser Dave Weckl. They feature the jumbo hammering, lathed surface, and raw unlathed bell that contribute so greatly to the HHX concept of ‘Tone Projection’ – a combination of traditional tone and modern projection.

AAX Series
With its multi-hole design, this small model sounds bright and airy, with a degree of agitation. Modern bright sounding cymbals.

APX Series
With a double ring of response-enhancing holes, this radical model responds rapidly with a combination of bright explosion and dirty agitation.

Available from £149

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EFX10Murat Diril Arena series

Complex, dry tones, exceptionally precise stick definition, and sizzling hot hat sounds are the characteristics that mark out the Murat Diril Arena Series. Sandblasted on top, lathed and hammered with our lustrous brilliant finish on the bottom, each instrument is truly a paragon of innovation.

Available from £77

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EFX11Zildjian Azuka Latin Multi-Crash Hand & Stick

Bright, singing, musical tones ideal for special accents and effects.

You can never have too many cool sounds. The Zildjian Sound Lab continues the tradition of working with the world’s most inventive and experimental drummers and percussionists like Alex Acuna, Dennis Chambers, and Zach Danzinger to create uniquely designed, innovative sound effects.

These exotic sound colors help you define your signature sound and add character and variety to your kit. Make an addition that’ll make a difference.

Available from £165

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EFX12Zildjian Avedis FXSPL18 Spiral Trash Cymbal

With unique overtones and an almost wave-like timbre this cymbal can expand the sound palette of any percussion set up.

An extraordinary sound and unusual shape provides countless options for percussion ensemble, marching band/drum corps or drum set.

Available from £179

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Sabian 9″ HH Radia Cup chimes

Designed for Terry Bozzio. These small, pitched bells offer color within any set-up. HH means “hand hammered”, the most musical and tonally complex cymbals available. The sound is warmer, darker, packed with tone. This allows HH cymbals to blend into the music, making it fuller, richer … more complex and interesting.

You can make a brilliant stack out of this! Try putting it on your favourite crashes for some amazing results!

Available from £120

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